Groundeater Car Performance App

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Preparing for measurement

  • install the smartphone flat into the car (perhaps center console)
  • it should be connected to the car to keep it from skidding
  • install it lengthwise to the driving direction
  • search for a straight flat street without hills or ditches
  • look out for traffic - do not use this app on streets with other cars around
  • your car has to be in idle mode... then start the measurement
  • the app will calibrate itself (you will see a black screen with spinning wheel)
  • if it's ready you see the orange "recording data"
  • now accelerate as fast as your car is able to
  • then decelerate as fast as your car is able to
  • ----- you can repeat this as often as you wish, you don't have to reset the data
  • ----- the top acceleration doesn't have to be in on turn .... for instance you can top accelerate one turn in first and third gear and next turn in second gear (the app accumulates the data)
  • ----- you don't have to collect all the data up to top speed (it's not possible everywhere) ... collect as much as you can
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What is this app for?

  • compare your car's performance with cars all over the world
  • compare a car you want to buy with other cars which a an option
  • compare your car before and after tuning
  • saving the data from all the app users on for you to check the results

What can the Pro-Version do for you?

  • save up to 10 cars
  • direct comparision with other cars from the web server
  • sending the measurements and graphs to your email
  • convert the measurment to your engines power
  • 0-100km/h time and other times

Sending data to the web server

  • search for tsn and hsn in out database to find your car
  • ....or fill in the fields by yourself
  • everytime you send the data, your old data at the server will be overwritten ... send only if want it on the web server

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